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Series Prizes - Points are awarded as follows:

Result Points Result Points
1st 10 5th 2
2nd 6 6th 1
3rd 4 Pole 1
4nd 3 Most laps led 1
Racer of the day* 1 + Jacket

*The "Racer of the Day" award will be determined solely by the RotaryRockets staff.

The winner of this award will be the racer who, in the RotaryRockets staff's judgement:

1. Had the most fun
2. Showed great sportsmanship
3. Learned a lot!!!

Silver Champion

The champions of each group of the Silver series will be awarded their tenth race in the Gold series. This allows these champions to complete their season with all the perks of the Gold series (increased RPM's, free Goodyear sticky tires, no car sharing and almost twice the track time).

These champions will do all this while competing with the more experienced Gold series drivers.

Gold/Platinum Champion

The champion of the Gold/Platinum series wll be awarded a free Star Mazda SCCA
Regional Race Weekend at world famous Road America at Elkhart Lake, WI!!!

$1000.00 Triple Crown

To win the $1,000.00 Triple Crown, a driver must win six races at any three different racetracks throughout the season. At each of the three racetracks, both wins must occur on the same raceday.

$5000.00 Championship Purse

At the beginning of each season, each driver is assessed as to their probability of winning the championship. For every odds point, the driver will win $500.00. For example, a driver with a 3:1 odds of winning the championship, will earn $1,500.00. A driver can earn up to $5,000.00.

Championship Odds:
Name Odds Purse
1 Steve Jenks 3:1 $1,500.00
2 Geoff Werner 4:1 $2,000.00
3 Barry Randall 5:1 $2,500.00
4 Ross Fortini 5:1 $2,500.00
5 Doug Deweese 6:1 $3,000.00
6 Noel Smith 7:1 $3,500.00
7 Rob Hunter 7:1 $3,500.00
8 Joe Wright 8:1 $4,000.00
9 Tim Putman 9:1 $4,500.00
10 Jeff Wilson 10:1 $5,000.00
11 Matt Deweese 10:1 $5,000.00
12 Wayne Horne 10:1 $5,000.00
13 Larry Lippert 10:1 $5,000.00
14 Mark Wiggins 10:1 $5,000.00
15 Tom Hughes 10:1 $5,000.00

Formula Mazdas in Action

Check it out! In car footage begins at 1:27. MORE

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