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Midwest Gold Series - Blackhawk Farms

Round 1:

The RotaryRockets Midwest season is underway!!! Don't feel sorry for Steve Jenks. The fact that Steve was involved in an incident in the first race is not a reason to count him out of the championship. Let's not forget that Steve Jenks started his 2005 season in the grass and still went on to win the 2005 championship.

In the first race, Steve's attempt to regain his championship status was immediately challenged when he lost the pole to Josh Lane. Josh, joining the series with a set of one-off's for the 2007 season, quickly used his outstanding shifter kart skills to outqualify Steve and start on the pole for race one. At the start, Steve quickly got to the front and relegated Josh to sit on his rear wing - and that he did. While the lead was being determined, Californian Roy Steele, in his first race with RotaryRockets, jumped into third and was leading RotaryRockets regulars Ross Fortini and Noel Smith. This was also a very close battle as the three cars were nose to tail down the front stretch. Unfortunately, the first race of the season was red flagged after just two laps.

On the restart, Steve again jumped out ahead of Josh and we were again setting up for a great race among themselves. As the leaders went through turn one, Noel Smith made it three wide and took out Ross and himself. With Ross' radiator fluid all over the track, the corner workers called the race and the race was scored in the order that they returned to the pit. This gave Steve his first win of the season. Two-time RotaryRockets champion Steve Weber carried home the third place trophy. Royce Miller, also in his first season of formula cars, stayed out of trouble and wrapped fourth. Newcomers John Batchelor and David Hansson, experiencing close road racing for the first time, stayed out of trouble and ended in fifth and sixth, respectively.

Round 2:

The second race of the day started with Josh again setting fast time in qualifying. However, this time Noel Smith surprised Steve Jenks with a 4/10th's faster qualifying lap to start ahead of him and next to Josh. Steve Weber, fighing handling problems, qualified sixth. This allowed both Ross and Roy to outqualify him. At the start, Josh started to set the pace, followed by Noel and Steve Jenks. Two-time RotaryRockets champion Steve Weber, and newcomer David Hansson, were on the move up through the field. By the third lap, as the leader and Ross fell way back, Steve Weber was up to third and David was up to fourth. With Noel now leading and trying to prove us wrong that he would win a race this year, Steve Jenks started to threaten his lead and took over the lead on lap six as they went into turn one. Not to be outdone, our Californian moved into third. Josh, after having dropped back to fifth, clawed his way back to second by the twelfth lap, only to have a mechanical end his day. Meanwhile, Ross and David also dropped out due to gremlins. Noel recovered and finished second, with Royce and John, now learning the tracks, finished in fifth and seventh, respectively.


Steve Jenks should note that this is his chance to become the second driver ever to win back to back championships in RotaryRockets. To make this even more significant for Steve Jenks, the driver that holds that honor is also in for some one-off's - Mr. Steve Weber.

In analyzing the odds, we can see that Ross Fortini and Noel Smith are the most likely candidates able to challenge Steve this year. However, Ross goes into the third and fourth rounds way behind in points and must have some solid results to have a shot at this championship. Noel still has a great chance. Noel has been getting some solid experience doing some SCCA events in 2006 and earlier this year. Will this experience pay off? More importantly, can Noel maintain a lead all the way to the checkered flag?

We also have some fast one-off's now getting their feet wet this year. Many of these one-off's are in preparation for a full season next year. Will these drivers play a factor? We think so, as Josh Lane already rattled some feathers in these opening rounds.

$1000 Triple Crown:

Steve Jenks is on track for the RotaryRockets $1,000.00 Triple Crown. Next opportunity is at Autobahn.

Fun Point:

The point we love to award is the fun/sportmanship/hard luck point:

David Hansson is the only person that we know who can drive a car with a damaged throw-out bearing. David was running great all day until one of out technicians decided to get into his car. Our technician could not depress the clutch and decided to pull the gearbox out and found that the throw-out bearing needed to be replaced. David insisted that he had no problem driving the car and was ready to kick us out of his car - David, we will never second guess you again.

David, we've got a surprise for you at Autobahn...

Let's give it to Mr. David Hansson!!!

Enjoy the jacket...

Formula Mazdas in Action

Check it out! In car footage begins at 1:27. MORE

Visit US at Autobahn Country Club Joliet, IL

This Weekend -July 25 & 26

STOP by and talk with us at the Harrahs Grand Prix. Professional road races are back on the map in Chicago!! Come and see how you can join in the action.

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