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Equally prepared racecars

Each of the RotaryRockets Formula Mazda racecars is prepared for competition in exactly the same way.Each driver is assigned their personal racecar, based on a random draw of car numbers.

There is no car sharing in the RotaryRockets Formula Mazda race series. Competitors are not allowed to enter their own racecars in this series, unless maintained by RotaryRockets.

Arrive and Drive

Due to the intense raceday format, racers competing in the RotaryRockets series do not spend their time awaiting their turn to drive, nor do they spend multiple days at the racetrack, only to experience limited actual on-track time.

RotaryRockets series competitors get more than three (3) hours of actual on-track time within a single day!

Professional mechanical assistance

Professional racecar setup and mechanical services are provided by the RotaryRockets race mechanics. This format provides each driver with a true "Arrive and Race" opportunity.

Racers competing in RotaryRockets concentrateon their driving skills, and not on the maintenance details associated with maintaining these sophisticated racecars.

Predictable racing costs

All racers competing in the RotaryRockets series are limited to a fixed number of racing slick tires for the entire series. These tires are impounded after each event. Rain tires are rented at the racetrack when needed.

RotaryRockets drivers can accurately budget their racing expenses, without losing their ability to compete.

Intense raceday format

The RotaryRockets Formula Mazda race series comprises of ten (10) races. These races are held over five (5) racedays, with each raceday comprising of six (6) practice sessions, two (2) qualifying sessions, and two (2) races - An entire weekend of racing, in a single, busy, and focused raceday.

There is minimum downtime in this series. Racers competing in RotaryRockets are constantly on the track, where they belong!

Easy access

To accommodate our out-of-state participants, all racetracks used by the RotaryRockets series are within easy driving distance from major airports.

Some participants are able to leave their homes the morning, or the night before the event, and leave immediately following the last race of the day. At most, this requires spending only one (1) night away from home, freeing up their weekends for family activities.

This format allows our participants to continue racing, without spending significant time away from home, work, and family.

SCCA Regional License

Although a SCCA license is not required to participate in RotaryRockets, drivers who participate in RotaryRockets are normally allowed to waive their SCCA Drivers School. RotaryRockets drivers can receive their SCCA Regional License by just applying to the SCCA and stating their RotaryRockets experience.

Formula Mazdas in Action

Check it out! In car footage begins at 1:27. MORE

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