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  • Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?
    • It depends on the series. The Silver series requires $9,500.00 payment. Individual events require upfront payments of $3,850.00 per event. These payments include all entry fees and tires.

      Due to the fact that we do not share racecars in the Gold series and Platinum series , up front series payment is critical. The upfront series cost is $11,300.00 for the Gold series, while the upfront series cost for the Platinum series is $16,075. This does not include entry fees and tires (see below).

  • When do I pay for tires and entry fees for the Gold and Platinum series?
    • You can then spread the costs of your entry fees and tires throughout the season. There is no penalty for paying this way.

      To take advantage of this option, you must, along with your payment of the upfront series fee, include a valid credit card with an expiration date though the end of the calendar year that you are participating in.

      Two weeks prior to each event, your credit car will be billed for the entry fee and tires for that event. For 2010, this total will be $725.00 for the entry fee and $865.00 for the tires. The total billed per event will be $1,590.00.

      Any application received without the valid credit card, will not be considered.

  • I can’t afford the budget for the Gold or Platinum series, can I share the series with a friend or someone else?
    • Yes. There is enough seat time for both of you. This is a great way of getting into the series for half the cost. Call our office to see if we have another driver looking for a partner.
  • Can I do individual events?
    • Most drivers compete in the entire series. However, depending on space availability, you can do individual events.
  • What if it rains?
    • We have pre-mounted rain tires that can be rented. We race rain or shine.
  • Do I have to buy my own safety gear?
    • Yes, except for corporate days and special events.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    • Yes. All major credit cards are welcome. You can also pay using a combination of credit card and check.
  • Do I have to have a racing license to participate in RotaryRockets?
    • No, however we require each driver to have either successfully completed a 3-day racing school, have demonstrated safe, active participation in high-performance driving events, or actively raced high-performance karts for at least one year. Please note that drivers who participate in RotaryRockets are normally allowed to waive their SCCA Drivers School. RotaryRockets drivers can receive their SCCA Regional License by just applying to the SCCA and stating their RotaryRockets experience.
  • I graduated from a 3-day racing school, should I still attend the RotaryRockets lapping day?
    • The best preparation is to follow your school with a lapping day with RotaryRockets. The Formula Mazda cars are much faster and use stickier tires than most racing school cars. Getting used to the additional performance will be a great help once the season starts.
  • I know that RotaryRockets is not a school. However, being new, is there some level of instruction available?
    • You are correct. We are an Arrive and Drive series, not a racing school. However, we do provide highly trained instructors at each event. These instructors provide free help to all drivers. If you are looking for highly individualized instruction, there is a $125.00 fee per event .
  • I live in California, New York, Toronto, how can I do the Midwest series?
    • It’s easier than you think. Fly out the Tuesday night, drive 1 hour to most tracks, and fly back on Wednesday night. You’ll be back at work Thursday morning. You take one Wednesday/month off work for the course of the series. You’ll use a total of five vacation days in exchange for a complete ten-race Formula Mazda series.
  • Why not race on the weekend?
    • By racing during the week, you now have your weekends to yourself and family. Your racing is no longer a burden on family and relationships. The 3-day weekend at the racetrack has ruined many a relationship. BTW, you’ll get more track time in our one-day event that most drivers do in a three-day SCCA weekend!
  • How should I prepare for race day?
    • We do lots of track time so get a good night’s sleep and show up at 7:30AM for your track drives and seating. Your first practice will start promptly at 9:00AM.
  • Can I bring a guest?
    • Yes. However, since we are a private series and cater lunch, please get the name of your guest to us prior to the event.
  • Where do I stay?
    • Exactly one week prior to each event, you will receive an email outlining the recommended hotels. In addition, all hotels are listed on the website for the tracks. Click on the tracks link for more information.
  • When should I get my application in?
    • Since we do not share racecars in the Gold and Platinum series, it is important to get your application in as soon as possible. To assist everyone, we like to have the applications in by March 15 th of each year.
  • How do I get an application?
    • Contact us by calling (630) 566-0570, or email us at [email protected] and we’ll send out an application form.
  • What if I crash?
    • We provide accurate damage assessments. Typically, damaged items include wings, bodywork, dog rings, etc. these are relatively inexpensive repairs! Please note that, in general we charge for replacement parts only. Labor costs are only assessed in the event of extensive damage.

Formula Mazdas in Action

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