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Best racing games to play this summer

In college, you have to deal with a lot of stress and assignments, so when summer vacation comes, you can finally relax and play some games. Even though you will still have some tasks for this period, there is always an option to hire a professional service that can take care of this job (you can send a request, «Please, domyessay» and also read edubirdie reviews to get an idea about how it works). Now when you have more free time, you can pick games you are going to play this summer. One of the most popular becomes racing and for a good reason: you can enjoy speed and adventures, not even leaving your home. In this guide, we will cover the top popular racing games options to make your summer better.

Top racing games for your PC

Picking a game is like picking a helping service to manage your homework: you need a good one to enjoy the results (we recommend checking essaypro reviews for more information). You should take into account graphical and sound design and many other things that make this activity so great. We have prepared a list of the top racing games you may like to try:
1. Forza Motorsport 7
This game will work well for everybody as long as you want to be put in a metal cage and experience constant die-hards. Developers have added weather changes effects making it more realistic and dynamic while you can also enjoy night tracks slowly turning into dawn. Even though the game has awful progress system, the graphics are worth it;
2. Interstate `76
Not all racing games are based on mastering the art of driving and perfecting our skills: some of them, like this one, are aimed to get your opponents off the track and putting yourself ahead. The game lets you destroy your competitors...literally. In every mission, you face other armed racers, and your main goal is to complete it alive;
3. Forza Horizon 4
The seasons and landscapes in the game constantly change, and your task is to adapt your driving to each of them quickly reacting to such things as icy roads, wet leaves, sands, etc. Depending on how skillfully you master the track, you make records with the best time. In this game, you can participate in standard races, cooperation campaign, seasonal competitions, and different endurance tests. Besides, you have a perfect choice of cars including the car of James Bond to drive around the British countryside;
4. Dirt Rally 2
If you are looking for some casual driving, this is not the game for you. In this part, the co-driver will be giving you instructions and directions not to let you smash into a tree and successfully get from A to B. Unlike many similar games, making a mistake is easy: even a slight error can cause a heavy crush. However, if you know what you are doing, this can become your best PC game of summer 2020;
5. Trackmania 2
Any professional online racer will tell you that track design is one of the most important things in the game. In this one, you will have barrels rolling to you, floating platforms, and impossibly high jumps that will make your car do wonders. The competition is fierce, and if your driving skills are good, you will spend hours playing without even noticing it. This game should be one of the top ones on your game list.

Formula Mazdas in Action

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