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Best Races to Go in 2020

The 2020 racing schedule has been severely challenged by the pandemic. Though it is no time to complain, racing fans were close to being heartbroken by the canceling of long-awaited events. Many races have been already rescheduled to the next year while some have just announced revised dates for the 2020 racing calendar. So, Fortunately, some of the racing events are coming back to our lives. Here is a list of the best races in 2020 that have been confirmed to be back on track.

Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix 2020

If you really want to visit races which remained their gates open to the public you may need to get ready for some long-distance travels. Formula fans have a rough year in terms of going to the races. Though, there are a few host cities, such as Sochi, that have remained optimistic during these dark times. You can buy tickets to the 2020 Russian Grand Prix for the reschedule race on September 27. Thus far it seems the last hope for Formula fans to see it live in the race track.

ADAC TOTAL 24-hour Race

The ADAC TOTAL 24h race has also been postponed due to the pandemic, though, recently the organizer announced the big come back with the new dates. Now the start date is on September 24 and the end date is September 27. This German route is the legend in the racing world so don't lose the opportunity to take part in something so grand and spectacular. Drop everything, if you have to, it is only for three days! So if you are thinking "but how can I find someone to write an essay for me on such short notice?", don't worry! There are plenty of statistics homework helper services online to put you in your misery. Go ahead and book those race tickets! There is no more doubt like "if there is anyone to write paper for me.” Of course, there is, now focus on the journey ahead of you.

2020 GT World Challenge Europe

Despite a few cancellations this year, GT World Challenge, for the most part, is still open for viewers in the majority of states. The season ends in the middle of November in France, so those of you who have dreamt about the GT racing still have the chance to attend the track. It is also a great opportunity to travel in such countries as France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.


For those who don't fancy the thought of traveling this year, NASCAR remains their ticket sale open in the majority of states. You can buy tickets for the race in such states as Florida, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and more. Though, it is better to follow the news about the race online as the situation can change any day.

Don't lose your hope

We strongly advise to keep your fingers on the pulse and not fall into despair. It may be too early for that. The world is slowly recovering and so will the racing calendar. The situation with racing is changing daily so don't lose track of the news from the sports world. The list of races that you can go to this year may still increase over time. Before that, you can always watch your favorite races online. We hope you'll get the best of this racing year. Stay safe and well!

Formula Mazdas in Action

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